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Brain-wave video game project reaches Kickstarter goal

March 12, 2013|By Chris O'Brien

With just two days to go, Lat Ware reached his Kickstarter goal of raising $40,000 that will allow him to finish work on a video game played using brain waves. 

"Sometimes dreams come true," Ware said in an e-mail. 

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As of Monday night, his project, called "Throw Trucks With Your Mind," had raised $41,062 from 495 backers. Ware has said he plans to use the money to hire a handful of people to complete the game within the next year. 

The game is played by wearing a NeuroSky headset that reads brain waves. Players must make themselves more calm and focused to move objects in the game. 

Ware is promising the game within a year, but says he's optimistic a full version can be completed several months before then.


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