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Man suspected of killing grandparents surrounded in Oregon hotel

March 12, 2013|By Matt Pearce
  • Police have surrounded Michael Boysen, 26, at WestShore Oceanfront Suites in Lincoln City, Ore. He is accused of killing his two grandparents after getting out of prison.
Police have surrounded Michael Boysen, 26, at WestShore Oceanfront Suites… (Lauren Gambino / Associated…)

Police have surrounded a hotel on the Oregon coast where a man accused of killing his grandparents is holed up. 

Michael Boysen, 26, of Washington state is suspected of killing Robert and Norma Taylor, both in their 80s, after he got out of prison for burglary. Officials believe he killed the Taylors at their home and fled with their car. 

The WestShore Oceanfront Suites overlooks the Pacific Ocean in sleepy Lincoln City, Ore. A property manager at the hotel saw Boysen's face on a TV broadcast about the killings and realized the man was staying at the hotel -- and under his own name.

"It wasn't an alias," the motel's owner, Kent Landers of Vancouver, told the Oregonian. "How stupid is that?"

King County, Wash., officials said Boysen had been searching the Internet for gun shows in the Northwest, where he could possibly buy a gun without a criminal background check. Boysen has had multiple felony convictions for robbery and burglary. Authorities have said Boysen did not have a gun. They have not said how the Taylors were slain. 

Washington officials previously said Boysen had threatened "suicide by cop" -- threatening to die in a shootout with the police -- before turning up in Lincoln City, where he has refused to come out of his room.

Other guests were evacuated from the hotel and the town's residents were warned not to leave their homes until the standoff was over.

"Step out with your hands in the air," a law enforcement official on a bullhorn called out to Boysen, while gulls cried in the distance, according to footage from KATU-TV.

"We're not going anywhere," the official added. 

The Taylors were throwing Boysen a welcome-home party after his release from prison Friday, according to the Associated Press.


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