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Watch Dennis Rodman discuss Kim Jong Un vacation plans and more

March 12, 2013|By Chuck Schilken

Dennis Rodman enjoyed his time with Kim Jong Un last month so much that he plans on joining the North Korean dictator for vacation in August.

The controversial former NBA star revealed his plans in an interview with KXJB-TV in Fargo, N.D., during a promotional appearance. A spokesman for Rodman told CNN that Kim extended the offer during Rodman's visit a few weeks ago.

There's plenty more to the interview, which you can watch above. We've heard a lot of Rodman's opinions already -- that Kim doesn't want war, that President Obama should simply call the North Korean leader to iron things out, that he doesn't condone what Kim does but they are friends, etc.

But it's worth watching just to hear Rodman's rambling, yet entertaining, answers to rather simple questions. For example, he was asked, "Do you consider Kim Jong Un just a 28-year-old guy, not like his dad, not like his grandfather?"

In response, Rodman offers such insightful nuggets as "cultural is good, cultural is good," and "everything's awesome," and "kids do a lot 'cuz they see and they talk what they see," and "I'm very profound," before finally kind of getting to an actual answer:

"I think that his grandfather and his father built this whole thing up because he has to do this. He don't want to do anything, that part I know," Rodman said before launching into some more highly amusing nonsense.

And make sure you hang in there for the entire interview or else you might miss out on such thought-provoking questions as "How you gonna kill the world? How you gonna kill the [expletive] world?"


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