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'Hell's Kitchen': Ready for another season in hell, Vegas style?

March 13, 2013|By Rene Lynch
  • Chef Gordon Ramsay opening the gates to Hell's Kitchen.
Chef Gordon Ramsay opening the gates to Hell's Kitchen. (Fox )

After 10 seasons in hell, what's left for "Hell's Kitchen" to do? What's left for Chef Gordon Ramsay to kick or hurl? What foul language remains unsaid? And are there even crazier, more incompetent chefs out there than those who helped populate Seasons 1 through 10?

Yes, yes, and hell yes.

Season 11 of "Hell's Kitchen" got underway to solid ratings Tuesday night, even though we already know the shtick as the players compete for a job at one of Ramsay's many restaurants.

Maybe it's the TV equivalent of comfort food, like mac 'n' cheese?

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The players — 19 in all, the biggest field yet — were barely out of the airport before they were thrown into chaotic circumstances, forced to travel elbow-to-hip with the competition while the cameras were in their faces, egging everyone on.

But the show still managed to up the ante, so to speak, by having the competitors step off their planes at LAX and onto a posh "Hell's Kitchen" megabus, only to then put them back on a plane and send them to Vegas.

Exhausted, giddy, scared ... they were then thrown into the signature first challenge — you, on a plate — only they had to do it live, on stage, before an audience.

Talk about bringing the heat.

There were, of course, huge missteps — chicken burned to a crisp, raw lamb, overpowering garlic — and so on. But, of course, there were a few bright spots as well.

And some flat-out nutty behavior.

Is Gina a plant, or what? Or did she make her way onto "Hell's Kitchen" in a bid to break into Hollywood as a puppeteer?

A disaster dinner service (really, is there any other kind?) followed in the second hour, resulting in Sebastian's demise. Did you think Sebastian deserved to become the first player eliminated from "Hell's Kitchen" for his joking banter? Sometimes humor breaks the tension, but anyone who has watched "Hell's Kitchen" knows that Ramsay is not the joking type. (Unless, of course, he's making fun of you!)

Yes, we know the shtick, but if the ratings are any indication, it just never gets old. 

The winner of this hellacious job interview will go on to a $250,000-a-year job at Ramsay's newest pub and grill, slated for Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. 


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