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Henri Krug of Maison Krug has died at 75

March 13, 2013|By S. Irene Virbila
  • Henri Krug, former president and cellar master of Maison Krug.
Henri Krug, former president and cellar master of Maison Krug. (F. LeClerc / L'Union )

Henri Krug, who headed up the Champagne house Maison Krug from 1977 to 2002, has died at age 75, according to L'Union newspaper in Reims, France.

The shy perfectionist officially retired as president and cellar master of the prestigious Champagne house in 2002. "Enemy of honors and medals, when he retired, he put his son Olivier in charge. In retirement, he still remained a member of the tasting committee and gave his advice when it was asked of him without ever meddling," reads the March 12 obituary.

In 2003, Henri Krug gave an interview to the British wine magazine Decanter. Author John Stimpfig wrote: "Family precedent has always demanded that if you're a Krug, there's no such thing as retirement. Henri's father and grandfather both continued to work well into their 90s. Not surprisingly, Henri hopes not just to emulate their attendance records but also to beat them. 'As long as I can cross the street, I'll come into work to taste,' says Henri who, barely into his 60s, still looks full of beans."

Sadly, he didn't make it as long as his predecessors.


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