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Letters: Sticking with Obamacare

March 13, 2013

Re "GOP renews effort to kill 'Obamacare,'" March 11

The costs and limitations of America's healthcare system have made it unsustainable. President Obama's healthcare law addressed some of the issues effectively but failed to address others and included some bad features.

However, the correct path is not to scuttle the law entirely. If we do that, we will remain with an unsustainable healthcare system. We cannot go back to square one because it is highly likely that we would remain there.

The nation's best interests would be served by keeping healthcare reform's best parts and modifying or eliminating those portions of the law that do not serve us well.

Sid Pelston

Marina del Rey

After the Republican-controlled House in the last Congress voted 33 times to repeal, de-fund or weaken Obamacare, and after Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) introduced a bill to repeal the law in the new Congress, one would think that Rep. Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.), the chairman of the House Budget Committee, wouldn't make a fool of himself by giving it another go in his proposed budget.

Alas, Ryan made a fool of himself anyway, and when Chris Wallace of Fox News told him over the weekend that his budget wouldn't pass, Ryan grinned and said budgeting is all about making tough choices.

Ryan is a prime example of why lawmakers receiving an annual salary of $174,000 should face term limits.

Kimberlyn Hearns

San Bernardino


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