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Letters: The Wal-Mart moviemaker

March 14, 2013

Re "Book-to-film heroine," Column One, March 11

Christy Walton and her family, according to Forbes magazine, are worth nearly $28 billion, making her the sixth-richest American.

Discussing her work to make "Bless Me, Ultima" into a movie, she said: "We are a fear-based society. I'd like to change that to a faith-based society."

She can begin by changing the policies of her Wal-Mart stores. These stores feed this fear by providing low wages and less-than-adequate medical insurance, by fighting unionization and by selling products imported from Third- World countries, where the workers are paid very little. Spending a tiny percentage of her fortune on a feel-good film will do little to alleviate this fear.

Bob Lentz


Thank you so much for the wonderful article on "Bless Me, Ultima" and Walton's quest to get it made into a movie.

I too read the book by Rudolfo Anaya many years ago, and it has never left me. The movie was astoundingly wonderful and so faithful to the book. Thanks to Walton for keeping the book in her heart.

Mary Ann LaVasseur



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