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Letters: For two women, still no truck

March 14, 2013

Re "Bullets came fast, new truck hasn't," March 12

After reading that the Los Angeles Police Department has yet to come through on Chief Charlie Beck's promise to give a new truck to the two women who were shot last month in the hunt for Christopher Dorner, my first thought was that this is insane. These women were shot, their truck was destroyed and they haven't worked since the incident because the LAPD and Beck can't follow through. And yet the officers who shot these women are still collecting paychecks.

My second thought was that this is just business as usual in the LAPD and Los Angeles.

David Dale

Valley Village

So the LAPD and Beck can't come up with a workable solution for the two women they nearly killed. Why doesn't the chief dip into his $300,000-plus salary and buy a $15,000 used truck himself and just give it to the women?

Mark Warner

Van Nuys

Even given the incredible stress that LAPD officers endured during the Dorner rampage, it is beyond appalling that the two women, wounded when officers riddled their blue Toyota Tacoma with bullets, have not received a replacement truck.

Then there's the insult of the Police Department and the car dealership considering the truck a prize for tax purposes, meaning the women would have to pay taxes on it.

If I were these women's attorney, I'd doubt the chief's word that the truck would be provided even if the women were to sue the Police Department. I hope he is taking aggressive action on their behalf.

Penny Peyser

Woodland Hills


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