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Watch the 'Jeff Gordon' test drive that fooled almost everyone

March 14, 2013|By Houston Mitchell

This post has been corrected. See below.

A viral video featuring a new ad for Pepsi swept the Internet on Wednesday. In it, Jeff Gordon supposedly goes undercover to buy a car. Walking onto a lot, he asks a salesperson whether he can test drive a 2009 Camaro. Then he gives the terrified salesman the test drive of his life. You can watch it all above.

Problem: Despite what most news outlets reported, the whole test drive was staged. The salesman is an actor. It wasn't an actual hidden camera look at a "Candid Camera" style prank.

The video was produced by Gifted You, which is owned by Will Ferrell's Funny or Die company. There are a few other problems with the video, as noted by

-- Chevrolet didn't make a Camaro in 2009. It started making it again in 2010.

-- The car that is driven has a 2013 interior. A salesman would know what kind of car he is getting in.

-- During the test drive, there isn't one shot of Gordon driving the car. The Concord, N.C., Independent Tribune reported that Brad Noffsinger, who works with the Richard Petty Driving Experience, did the stunt driving.

So remember everyone, just because you see it on the Internet doesn't mean it's true.

[For the record, 8:44 a.m. Thursday, March 14, 2013: An earlier version of this story identified Toyota as the manufacturer of the Camaro.]


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