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Brooke Burke-Charvet on cancer, health, aging gracefully

March 15, 2013|By Nardine Saad

Brooke Burke-Charvet is sharing her tips on aging gracefully and staying healthy now that she's beaten her thyroid cancer.

The "Dancing With the Stars" co-host revealed her cancer diagnosis in early November through a video posted on her blog. She was diagnosed after 10 biopsies, she said. Burke-Charvet underwent surgery in early December and shared the news a week later that she was cancer-free. By January, she was exposing her surgery scar on "Good Morning America."

She said she beat her cancer by having a strong support system from her family and team and keeping a postiive attitude. And, at 41, the former Playboy model and mother of four is getting real about her health, diet and aging for Health magazine's cover.

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"The 40s are a reality check. That's when some people are trying to look 25," she told the mag. "I would like to slow down my aging process, but I don't want to look like a pumpkin, all swollen! I don't want to fill every flaw in my face. A few? But you have to embrace Mother Nature a little. I'm a woman. I'm a wife. I'm a mother of four. I don't want to look like a 25-year-old anymore. I want to be my best healthy self."

And she didn't get those washboard abs by doing nothing. The model was eager to get back to working out after recovering from her surgery because she needed "to sweat and get that adrenaline rush, it's like the best medicine in the world." She makes it a point to schedule workouts, but still allows herself to indulge in good food with her husband, David Charvet of "Baywatch" fame.

"Pay for that class, buy that DVD, commit with a girlfriend. As working women and moms, we make it to all our meetings, get our kids to every appointment. But you have to make yourself a priority. Just commit. Write it down. Make a plan," she added. "My husband is French, and we love to cook and eat flavorful food. We try to eat a Mediterranean diet -- lots of greens, lots of fish, lots of vegetables. It's really all about portion control."

As for her hosting gig on "Dancing With the Stars," Tom Bergeron's sidekick says she tries to "remain neutral."

"But I get emotionally connected to a few contestants," she said. "Rob Kardashian was one. When he started he had no confidence, then he learned to dance and became this stud. It's amazing to see people face their fears and transform themselves."


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