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Letters: Categorizing climate deniers

March 17, 2013

Re "Reform the carbon calculation," Opinion, March 14

Bill McKibben overstates things with his suggestion that white voters are responsible for climate denial on Capitol Hill. It's more accurate to say that ultraconservative voters of all races are responsible for voting climate deniers back into Congress.

That said, voters of all races should use their power to urge lawmakers to lead on climate and to enact a consumer-friendly, revenue-neutral carbon fee and dividend program.

While I understand McKibben's point about Latino voters being crucial to the climate fight, let's not forget that the climate movement should ultimately be about the content of our atmosphere.

D. R. Tucker

Brockton, Mass.

McKibben ought to do more research before advocating for illegal-immigrant amnesty under the guise of helping the environment.

A 2005 report from the anti-illegal-immigration Center for Immigration Studies found that women from the top 10 immigrant-sending countries collectively have higher fertility than women in their home countries. These immigrants have 23% more children than women in their home countries.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Agency, the per-capita carbon emissions in metric tons for 2010 were as follows: the U.S., 18.2, and Mexico, 3.8. So if McKibben is really serious about reducing carbon emissions in the U.S., he should favor enforcing current immigration laws as well as a moratorium on legal immigration.

Randle C. Sink

Huntington Beach


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