P.J. Brown on Kobe Bryant's effectiveness this season

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March 17, 2013

Gimme some of that

Former NBA forward-center P.J. Brown, on whether he could still play in the league if he were able to replicate whatever is making Kobe Bryant so effective in his 17th professional season: "If Kobe gave me some of what he's on, maybe. Because he's like 25 out there. He's back at school in Philadelphia or something. I don't know. He's out there doing it. He's getting it done. Maybe I got to head to Germany or something."

You're the victim?

Sacramento forward DeMarcus Cousins, on his ejection for hitting Milwaukee's Mike Dunleavy in the head with an elbow shortly after Dunleavy undercut him while boxing out: "Actually, I was cool about it because I really didn't know if he did it on purpose. And that's what I asked him, 'Was that on purpose?' And his response was, 'What if it was? What are you going to do about it?' … After he said what he said, I said, 'I got you,' and I walked away."

He's not impressed

San Antonio veteran forward Stephen Jackson, on Ricky Rubio's first career triple-double: "He's all right. You know, I mean, I'm into winning championships. I'm not into guys playing all right, averaging 30 and 20 on sorry teams. I'm into winning championships. He got some upside, I'll say that. But it's all about winning to me. It's not about what you do on your personal stats."

That's some tattoo

Miami guard Ray Allen, on things people don't know about his teammates: "Dwyane [Wade] doesn't eat any vegetables, no greens, no salad, no nothing. Chris Andersen, it is all one tattoo, believe it or not."

—Ben Bolch

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