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Letters: Phoenix's climate future

March 19, 2013

Re "Too darn hot," Opinion, March 14

William deBuys painted a doom-and-gloom picture of my city, Phoenix, based on climate change and water use, warning if we don't take better care of our land and resources, Phoenicians will flee.

Just like Los Angeles, Phoenix has its challenges. That's why we recognized the need for future-oriented solutions like the Central Arizona Project canals and the Groundwater Management Act, the latter of which requires builders to demonstrate they will be able to have a 99-year water supply. And also just like L.A., Phoenix is beautiful and modern. Our systems, including our vulnerabilities, are interrelated and interdependent. Both cities face a too-hot future if we don't work together to increase sustainability.

As a mayor of a desert city, I've already embraced the challenges we face, and we're leading the charge in Arizona because I know the value of sustainability for our economy and the necessity of it for future generations.

Greg Stanton


The writer is mayor of Phoenix.


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