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'Hell's Kitchen' recap: Even the military can't save them

March 20, 2013|By Rene Lynch

If you found out you had a job interview in hell -- or were cast on "Hell's Kitchen" -- what's the first, second, and third thing you'd do?

Any donkey or doughnut knows the answer to that one!

You'd learn how to make seared scallops, then you'd learn how to make a proper risotto and then you'd master Beef Wellington, right? For extra credit, you'd probably learn how to make a rack of lamb.

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That means you'd be a better competitor on Season 11 of "Hell's Kitchen" than the crew currently making their way through this culinary obstacle course.

Not even the military can help this sorry bunch. 

But that's who chef Gordon Ramsay brought in to first frighten all the job applicants awake, and then teach them team-building skills. Apparently, the competitors weren't listening, because by the end of the second night's dinner service, every last one had been thrown out of "Hell's Kitchen" for, well, failing to act like a team.

Now, we all know this is the drill -- Ramsay has to beat them down before he can build them back up. But how is it that Christian could botch up scallops again and again and again, even though he claims to have made them "a million times" without incident? Well, enjoy scallop-making in your civilian life, Christian! 

What else did we learn this episode:

--Nedra has names for her "girls."

--Gina may or may not have been a plant, but it probably doesn't matter, because she quit.

--Fishhead soup tastes pretty much like it sounds.

--Danielle is not long for this competition, if her blank-faced stare is any indication.

--Let's hope Mary sticks around until given the chance to run the kitchen. Hearing her shout out orders in that high-pitched little girl's voice should be amusing.

What do you think is going to happen to Jeremy? In a "To-Be-Continued" moment, we saw him being called aside by Ramsay. Do you think he's going to be eliminated? 


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