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George P. Bush heads to California to raise cash for Texas campaign

March 20, 2013|By Anthony York
  • George P. Bush, a candidate for Texas land commissioner, will head to California in May to raise campaign cash.
George P. Bush, a candidate for Texas land commissioner, will head to California… (Eric Gay / Associated Press )

SACRAMENTO --It may well be the most sophisticated campaign for land commissioner in American history.

George P. Bush, son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and the nephew and grandson of former presidents, is going into the family business, with a run for state land commissioner in Texas. But a new fundraising solicitation making its way around California circles shows this is not your every day local race.

The solicitation comes from the desk of some California financial heavyweights who are helping the latest Bush to burst onto the political scene to raise some campaign cash. Among them are Jerry Perenchino, former head of Univision, who has been one of California’s largest Republican donors in recent years; Brad Freeman and his venture capitalist partner Ron Spogli; and Wayne Hughes, head of Public Storage.

All of them helped President George W. Bush raise campaign cash during his two presidential runs. Now, they are helping his nephew organize a May fundraising dinner at Freeman’s Brentwood home.

Judging from the fundraising pitch, it’s clear they have big plans for the latest member of the Bush dynasty. “George P. Bush has a bright future in front of him and this election in 2014 is the first step,” the letter says. "He is fluent in Spanish and can energize a new and vital generation of fiscal conservatives.”

The price to be a part of that future is $10,000 per couple.


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