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Tina Fey returns as Sarah Palin on 'Inside the Actors Studio'

March 21, 2013|By Nardine Saad

Tina Fey brought back her uncanny Sarah Palin impression during an appearance on Bravo's "Inside the Actors Studio" this week.

The "Admission" star was prompted by host James Lipton to answer questions in character, a recurring segment of his, which winks back at her impressions from the 2008 presidential campaign that were comic gold. We have Fey's "SNL" and improv background to thank for her glorious resurrection of the former Alaska governor.

Fey definitely separated the mavericks from the "not mavericks," that's for sure.

"Shall I address you as Governor?" Lipton asked Fey as Palin, "You served only half a term, so what's the right term of address?"

"Well, I'll tell ya, I don't know," she said coyly. "I'm a half-Governor or you could call me a Maverick-at-large ... 'Gov' would be fine by me too."

The topic moved on to guns, and the former vice presidential nominee avidly used them for hunting.

"Y' know, Jimmy, I believe that if everybody had guns, then there would be fewer guns in the stores," Fey said nearly straight-faced. 

And her views on same-sex marriage:

"Well, the Bible says it's gross," she answered immediately, rolling her R. "Em, and I don't judge ... all of the amazing, wonderful people I met in the audience of 'Dancing With the Stars' seem to go that way. But no," she said shaking her head. "Marriage is meant for people to wear different kinds of swimsuits."

On fashion and hair-styling advice:

"Well, I'm a fan of the Bump-It. Also to a tan, a tan you couldn't possibly have in Alaska. And that's really all you need."

On her take of Fey's impression of her:

"It's the best one I never watched."



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