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10 works of (food) art for your kitchen

March 21, 2013|By Sarah St. Lifer

Often the room we spend the most time in is overlooked in the decor department. That would be the kitchen. Sure, the new juicer could pass as a modern art sculpture, and that chocolate-splattered dish towel is a dead ringer for a Jackson Pollock -- but those kitchen walls deserve as much love as the other rooms you inhabit.

With this in mind, here are 10 pieces of art, appropriate for any foodie's happy place. Whether you affix an illustration to your refrigerator with some magnets or frame a watercolor alongside your treasured Le Creuset collection, these might inspire your own work of art -- a.k.a. dinner. 

1. Evan Roberts, "Popsicles" print from Tappan Collective.

Nothing sends us into nostalgia overdrive quite like Popsicles. Though Roberts' print lacks the cheesy stick jokes of yore, hanging this in any room will make you smile ($125 unframed, $205 framed). 

2. Jen Gotch, "Just Thinking Bout That Orange Orange Juice" print.

The L.A.-based artist, who claims to find excitement in the mundane, tries to take at least one picture every day. This scan of a Polaroid of oranges taken pre-squeeze is like having a tangible Instagram print on view ($25 for 4.5-by-4.5 inches, $65 for 11.5-by-11.5 inches).

3. Bridget Davies, "Fancy End Cutlery" watercolor from Anthropologie. 

Inspired by antique silver forks, knives and the like, discovered in second-hand shops, Davies has created a one-of-a-kind watercolor for the gastro- and geometrically inclined ($960).

4. Sarah B. Martinez, "Fish Print" print from Furbish Studio.

Behold: The adult version of the popular children's book, "Rainbow Fish" ($35).

5. Prada Creations, "No Time For Dishes" print from Etsy. 

Next time our partner points at a sink filled with dirty dishes, we'll make sure to keep this in mind. Carpe diem ($19). 

6. Handz, "Some Like It Hot" poster from Etsy. 

Between the mid-century modern design and Marilyn Monroe reference, this piece is almost too hot to handle ($17).

7. Claudia Pearson, "Grilled Peaches" print from Etsy. 

Forget the boring recipe binder and display your favorite dishes for the world to see. This one in particular is perfect for summer ($15). 

8. Pop Chart Lab, "Compendious Coffee Chart" print from Fab. 

Read up on all the different ways to enjoy that caffeine fix -- also doubles as a great gift for the rookie barista who doesn't know a cafe mocha from a cappuccino ($21).

9. Hybrid Home, "Pear Bird" print from Design Public.

Whether single or married, this perfect pair (or pear, whichever you prefer!) will have you believing in love at first sight ($40).

10. Will Bryant, "Work Hard & Eat Lots of Sandwiches" print from Hemingway and Pickett. 

A motto we're more than happy to live by. Unless, of course, we're counting calories -- then it should read: "Work Out Hard & Eat Lots Of Sandwiches" ($25).


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