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New sausage double beef burger at McDonald's China

March 21, 2013|By Jenn Harris
  • McDonald's China introduces a sausage double beef burger.
McDonald's China introduces a sausage double beef burger. (McDonald's China )

We're known in the good ol' U.S.A. for monster portions and outrageous fast-food creations. If there is a crust, we'll stuff it. Bored with regular taco shells, we use nacho cheese Doritos. But we're nowhere near China's level of gluttony.

Remember the Pizza Hut China hot-dog-stuffed-crust pizza with shrimp tempura and mayonnaise? Yikes.

McDonald's China hasn't gone that far, but it released a sausage double beef burger. Look carefully. If you blink, you might miss the bottom bun.

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This monster sandwich is made with two sausages, two beef patties, a drizzle of mustard and a bun. What happened to the lettuce, tomato, pickles and onion? Any sort of greenery might take away from the burger's overall brown and yellow color scheme.

Looks like someone's McDonald's off-the-menu dream came true. But why stop there? A couple slices of crisp bacon might add some depth and maybe a slice or two of some yellow cheese.

If you're in China, you can grab the sausage double beef burger for 17.50 yuan, or $2.82, reported No word on whether the burger will be available anywhere else.


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