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Letters: Failure of Feinstein's assault weapons ban

March 21, 2013

Re "Feinstein assault weapons ban fails," March 20

We all owe Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) great thanks for her pursuit of a federal assault weapons ban, but it is quite clear that if the horrific massacre in Connecticut in December didn't persuade Senate Republicans that these murder weapons should not be sold, nothing will. The only solution is to vote Republicans out of office and replace them with senators who can exercise common sense.

I hope that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) will eventually bring another ban to the Senate floor so that the GOP's "no" votes can be recorded for everyone to see and subsequently used against them when they run for reelection.

As Feinstein said, another massacre is waiting to happen out there, and the hand-wringing will start all over again without anything being done.

David Warburton


Once again the well-heeled and selfish will continue to have the freedom to obtain whatever playthings they can afford. Never mind that these man-toys will inevitably fall into the hands of those who are currently mentally ill, those who will become mentally ill and those who are just plain angry.

Thankfully we all still have the freedom to hold another candlelight vigil at the site of the next massacre to convince ourselves that we are doing something.

Ron Landesman

Los Angeles

Predictably, Feinstein's assault weapons bill went nowhere. As the late Lakers play-by-play caller Chick Hearn used to say, you could have called that with Braille. Now Feinstein can go back to work on her other useless pet project, the flag-burning amendment to the Constitution.

Robert Ostrove



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