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This week in Amanda Bynes' tweets: Look out Drake

March 22, 2013|By Nardine Saad
  • Is Amanda Bynes flirting with Drake? Well, her recent Twitter comments are one way to go about it.
Is Amanda Bynes flirting with Drake? Well, her recent Twitter comments… (Twitter; Scott Halleran…)

What's going on with Amanda Bynes? The onetime child star has been sharing her inner thoughts on Twitter, and boy does it look hazy in there. She also seems to have a thing, to say the least, for rapper Drake.

Up till now, the retired "Easy A" actress has had her share of legal woes involving alleged hit-and-runs and driving without a license. She's reached out via Twitter to President Obama to fire a cop who pulled her over, and her reported antics at a tanning salon — she denied the episode — definitely raised eyebrows. The 26-year-old has become somewhat of a hermit as of late, but she's been piling on by posting unusual photos of herself, debuting her new style and inner workings. 

Here's a sampling of her latest erratic tweets that include random musings about dating, pride and inanimate objects. On Thursday, they culminated in a vulgar doozy about Drake.

Without further ado, and in chronological order with some commentary:

March 14: "He's the woman bwahahah @drake," she wrote, adding  a photo of the "Take Care" rapper in a blond wig. (We know someone else sporting a blond weave these days too.) Her caption is a throwback to her movie "She's the Man," where she dressed up as a guy for the role. And the tweets went on from there.

March 14: "@drake is a hot fellow :D"; this one came with a pic  of the rapper hanging out with his posse. 

March 15: "He's Rocking That Incest Face"

March 15:  "Fear is pain arising from the anticipation of evil."

March 15: "Please don't take paparazzi pictures of me I like taking my own!" Here she posted a photo bringing back her mysterious red scripted beanie. 

March 15: "What up?" (This tweets is paired with a dark, blurred selfie.)

March 15: "Only read my twitter for photos of me!"

March 16: "SoCks," to which she added a photo of her wearing heels with socks.

March 17: "You are you who date"

March 17: "Baby corn & fried tofu"

March 17: "I created the phrase Ily & lololol. *proud*"

March 17: "If I'm not following you on twitter, I hate you."  (Ok, ouch.)

March 18: "WorkOut flow I feel dizzy"

March 20: [An uncaptioned photo of her in oversized sunglasses and white beanie, showing off her cheek piercings]

March 21: "I want @drake to murder my vagina"

March 21: "Twerking out"

You may proceed to "Huh?" None of the tweets are particularly funny, even the ones that are seemingly meant to be. And the murder-my-lady-parts comment is particularly disturbing.

It isn't clear what's going on in Bynes' world right now, but we're watching with fascination — and a bit of concern.


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