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Letters: Greuel's new tack on pensions

March 22, 2013

Re "Greuel changes tack on pensions," March 20, and "Greuel seeks new pension talks," March 19

City Controller Wendy Greuel tells The Times that as mayor, she "would like to sit with the labor leaders, as I've expressed to them, to make sure we get that pension reform that they agree with." If Greuel thinks that collective bargaining consists of meeting with labor to ensure that its members get what they want, she has no understanding of the process and should not be mayor of Los Angeles.

Susan Harbach

Sherman Oaks

After reading your articles, it is painfully obvious that Greuel is more concerned about paying back her union bosses than she is in representing the taxpayers of this city. At least she is honest by not even trying to hide this.

S.R. Fischer

Los Angeles


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