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Letters: LGBT rights and you

March 24, 2013

Re "One step for gay marriage," Opinion, March 21

Thanks to Meghan Daum for her column on the misrepresentation of today's gay men and women. Although I am in a straight family, we strongly support the LGBT community, both for our gay and lesbian friends and for the morality of the issues.

Specifically, Daum implies the scurrilous absurdity of scorning LGBT persons for a supposed wild lifestyle while also opposing same-sex marriage and families (the antithesis of that stereotype) as also morally and religiously wrong.

No matter how LGBT people act, the bigots will self-righteously reject them while claiming God and morality on their side. There is no way of satisfying those who refuse to be satisfied, and there should be a religious and moral lesson in that arrogant refusal.

David Eggenschwiler

Los Angeles


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