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New iPhone app lets you speak your flight searches

March 26, 2013|By Terry Gardner
  • CheapAir offers iPhone users a chance to "speak" their flight search requests.
CheapAir offers iPhone users a chance to "speak" their flight… (CheapAir )

If you hate searching for flights on your iPhone’s small screen, you may develop an instant crush on the CheapAir iOS app that lets you verbally search for flights. The app has its official release Tuesday. Chief executive Jeff Klee says his company's app is the first such voice-activated iPhone app.    

If you state your destination, the app can use your phone’s GPS to locate you and offer a choice of departure airports.

Here's what I found when I tried it on my iPhone 4S:

When I said: “Los Angeles to Dallas, Sept. 5 to 8,” the app showed me many flight options. 

But I confused it on my next search by adding the state of my destination, which was Gulfport, Miss. When I said only “Los Angeles to Gulfport” with my dates, the app searched for flights.  When I  said only “Gulfport” with my dates, the app asked for permission to locate me, then asked me to choose a Los Angeles area airport for my departure.

Here's a nice feature: The search shows  in-flight amenities including wi-fi and entertainment.

CheapAir plans to develop an Android version of the app. The iOS app requires iOS 4.3 and above.

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