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Reports detail Jared Loughner's behavior before Tucson shooting

Officials release nearly 3,000 pages about the man who killed 6 and wounded Gabrielle Giffords and 12 others. His parents and others had tried to keep the unhinged young man in check.

March 27, 2013|By Cindy Carcamo and Michael Mello, Los Angeles Times

There weren't any 9-millimeter bullets up front at the sporting goods counter. Loughner ordered Simmons to check in the back. From a distance, Simmons shouted to Loughner that they didn't have any of those bullets, according to documents.

"Did you have 9-millimeter ammo?" FBI Agent Jeff Luna asked.

"We did," Simmons said, explaining that he found some bullets of that caliber, but only looked for them after Loughner left. "I just [thought], 'I'm not going to give you ammo.'"

A few hours after the shooting, law enforcement officials searched the Loughner family home, including a safe from Loughner's room.

Inside, they found a gun lock, a book called "The Anarchist Cookbook," and an envelope with a Glock serial number written on it and two spent cartridge castings inside. On the envelope was writing.

"I could specifically see the name of Jared and Giffords," one investigator reported. "It also appeared to say words to the effect of, I planned ahead my assassination, these are the first two shells of my gun." The note was dated Dec. 6, 2010, a month before the killings.

Mello is a special correspondent.

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