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Letters: Raised for stardom

March 27, 2013

Re "A father's hoops dream," Column One, March 22

What Ron Holmes has done with his son Shabazz Muhammad's athletic prowess is nothing new. Sadly, many parents have viewed their progeny as a way to enrich themselves or to live vicariously through them. The problem occurs when the child either fails or doesn't follow the script.

What's troubling about this predetermined path is that there is seldom a fallback plan. Given the amount of traveling the UCLA basketball star has done, how many classes could he possibly have attended? And what happens if he is not good enough to last in the NBA or decides that he doesn't want to play anymore? What about a career-ending injury?

How prepared is Muhammad to enter today's complex world without the education to handle it? Did his father plan for these eventualities?

Rodney K. Boswell

Thousand Oaks


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