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Victor Ortiz discusses Week 2 of 'Dancing with the Stars'

March 27, 2013|By Houston Mitchell
  • Victor Ortiz and partner Lindsay Arnold compete in Week 2 of "Dancing With the Stars."
Victor Ortiz and partner Lindsay Arnold compete in Week 2 of "Dancing… (ABC )

The Times is pleased to have boxer Victor Ortiz, a former WBC welterweight champion, guest-blogging for us while he competes on "Dancing With the Stars." Each week while he competes on the show, Ortiz will answer a few questions from Sports Now editor Houston Mitchell and give some insight into the competition. Here are Ortiz's thoughts about Week 2, which he offered via email.

Q. “Vicious” showed up in the rehearsal studio for a moment, but Lindsay stood her ground. Would she be your toughest opponent?

Lindsay is amazing, and it's hard to think of what she would be like as an opponent. We work together so I could never see her that way objectively speaking. She's my partner, my coach, my everything right now ... she's a great teacher.  We all go through bursts of emotions in stressful situations that you look back and laugh at -- that was me frustrated with myself, I really want to make Lindsay proud, especially. This week there is one thing on my mind: victory.
Q. How in the world does a professional fighter develop his own fragrance for a cologne?

It's easy actually, I'm an entrepreneur outside the ring and with my team at TLK Fusion I am building an empire. My VO cologne has been the best seller now for three weeks in a row at Curacao. I just combined all the scents I love the most, and the ladies seem to love it too!

Q. You’re used to competing against someone in the ring, now you are competing with someone (Lindsay) on the dance floor. What kind of mental adjustment does that take? 

She's my "trainer." We are on the same team, and I have a huge amount of respect for her. The mental adjustment is remembering all the steps and the music counts, learning so much at such a fast pace. But I'm grateful to be here and have the challenge, because it's definitely challenging!

Q. You were in the bottom 2, which must be tough. Were there conflicted emotions in seeing Dorothy Hamill go home, being sad for her yet happy you were potentially saved to dance again next week?

Of course. Dorothy and I bonded early because we are both athletes, and as an athlete I really know how hard that decision was for her to make, but for her sake I'm glad she chose to protect her body first and foremost. After all, that's why I'm here -- when my jaw got broken I didn't want to let that get in the way of my career outside of the ring. I feel like I got a second lifeline, and we are going to bring it this week! But we will need people's votes, so if you think I improve next week, please vote!

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