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Girls accused of cyber-bullying classmate on Instagram

March 28, 2013|By Fox 40 and a Times Staff Writer

School officials in a Northern California community are investigating allegations of cyber-bullying involving the Instagram photo social media site.

Several girls at Jefferson High School in Tracy allegedly hacked into the Instagram account of a classmate and injected “sexually derogatory information” there, according to Fox 40.

The incident came to light when the girl’s mother filed a police report. Apparently, neither the mother nor the school district could get rid of the offending material on the photo-sharing social media app without a police report.

School officials say the incident started when the girl complained that she was being bullied at school. The mother believes her daughter’s email and Instagram accounts were hacked in retaliation.

Paul Hall, the director of student services with the neighboring Tracy Unified School District, said cyber-bullying is a real problem.

“They do things and don’t understand the effects that it has, how it can go viral,” Hall told Fox 40.

School officials says they will take appropriate action after its investigation of the Instagram incident.


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