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Letters: Gov. Brown's schools plan

March 28, 2013

Re "Voters split on Brown's schools proposal," USC Dornsife/Times Poll, March 23

This front-page article is complemented by "Superstar schools' downside," Sandy Banks' informative column on the next page.

The lead item covers Gov. Jerry Brown's plan "to shift money from rich schools to poor ones" to address glaring educational inequities. Banks' piece illuminates how schools surrounded by wealthy neighborhoods typically provide enhanced curriculums that schools in poorer areas can only dream about.

Recognizing such stark inequities is one thing; remedying them is another. No perfect solution exists, but Brown's proposal realistically tries to reduce the disparity.

Those criticizing Brown should either suggest a better way to address public school inequalities or forever hold their peace. Imagine how they'd howl at closing the gap, say, through a tax increase.

Betty Turner

Sherman Oaks


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