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Letters: Paying tribute to workers

March 28, 2013

Re "Worker dies in line of duty," Column, March 26

Thanks to Gale Holland and The Times for bringing attention to the plight of workers who lose their lives doing work that many of us take for granted. Backhoe operator Gilbert Vargas' job was a dangerous one, and his death highlights the need for us to pay tribute to those who make our lives easier, including farm workers who enable us to put food on our tables.

The Food Empowerment Project, where I am a board member, has focused on the unnecessary deaths in California of workers picking fruits and vegetables in 100-degree heat. It's time for all of us to show our appreciation and help our families and community members understand how those who work to make our lives better deserve not only recognition but a big thank you.

Valerie Belt

Pacific Palisades


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