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Dodger Stadium shuttle returns with dedicated bus lane

March 28, 2013|By Steve Dilbeck
  • Dodger Stadium
Dodger Stadium (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles…)

The mountain is high, the valley is low, And you're confused on which way to go

So I've come here to give you a hand, And lead you into the promised land

So come on and take a free ride

Yeah, I realize I'm trying too hard here, but that's what happens when you go six months between baseball games. And I was having withdrawal symptoms from not having used an oldie as an easy lead into a post. It’s a personal weakness.

The free ride here is the shuttle from Union Station to Dodger Stadium, a collaboration between Metro and the Dodgers.

The shuttle service is set to start with Friday's Freeway Series game against the Angels, and this year -- its fourth -- it comes with a new perk: a dedicated bus lane along Sunset Boulevard from Union Station to Elysian Park Avenue.

That sounds great for the shuttle, though it remains to be seen how it affects everyone else.

The shuttle is free to anyone showing a game ticket and is scheduled to begin 90 minutes before game time and end 45 minutes after the game.


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