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Gov. Jerry Brown cheers proposed federal clean-fuel rules

March 29, 2013|By Anthony York

SACRAMENTO -- Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday hailed the federal Environmental Protection Agency's embrace of proposed clean-fuel standards to be implemented across the country.

"For decades, California has carefully crafted emissions standards to protect the health of people and other living things," Brown said in a statement. "Now the Federal government is joining with us to apply the same standards to the rest of the nation. The result will be improved health for millions of people."

The proposed federal rules mirror the state's requirements limiting the amount of sulfur found in gasoline. Lower sulfur levels help catalytic converters work more efficiently to reduce emissions of substances such as carbon monoxide, which could be harmful to humans.

The rules would place a cap of 10 parts of sulfur per million parts, compared with a cap of 30 now. Once final, the rules would go into effect in 2017.

Oil industry executives say the proposed mandate could drive up the price of gasoline by as much as 9 cents per gallon.


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