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Give a sheen to your decorated Easter eggs!

March 29, 2013|By Noelle Carter
  • Give a sheen to your decorated Easter eggs!
Give a sheen to your decorated Easter eggs! (Los Angeles Times )

You've spent a chunk of time decorating your Easter eggs. Why not give them a glossy sheen so they look extra special?

For shiny Easter eggs, rub them with a very light coating of vegetable oil after the dye is dried. I learned this tip from a fellow Los Angeles Times staffer, Anne, who happened to walk by the Test Kitchen last week as we were shooting eggs for our Easter stories running this weekend in the Saturday section. She drizzled a little vegetable oil on a folded paper towel and rubbed it over an egg. The oil gave the dyed egg a glossy sheen.

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A little oil goes a long way; a lightly oiled paper towel or cloth should be able to coat at least several eggs. Also, be sure to rub off any extra oil -- too much and the eggs can become very slippery.

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Happy Easter!


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