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Watch Milwaukee Bucks' mascot Bango startle Dwight Howard

March 29, 2013|By Melissa Rohlin

With aggressive fans stealing headbands, it's a good idea for NBA players to stay alert these days.

Dwight Howard made the mistake of letting his guard down as he entered the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee on Thursday.

As he walked past what he thought was a statue of the Bucks' mascot, Bango, the costumed character began violently shaking his head and moving around, startling the the 6-foot-11 center.

Howard proceeded to do a spin move away from Bango. He then flashed his signature smile and said, "Oooooooh, that was a good one."

Good thing Howard doesn't really freak out when he's spooked, like this guy, or Bango may have needed some facial reconstructive surgery. 

Howard's night only seemed to get worse after that incident.

The Lakers lost to the Bucks, 113-103.


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