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Letters: Implementing Obamacare

May 04, 2013

Re "Health law's nasty side effect," May 2

To avoid providing health insurance to all employees who work more than 30 hours a week, some companies are cutting hours to dodge an Obamacare bullet. Let this serve as a classic example of how unworkable the Affordable Care Act is and why legislators should thoroughly read bills before voting them into law.

Even prominent Democratic senators — including Jay Rockefeller (W.Va.) and Max Baucus (Mont.), who were instrumental in drafting Obamacare — now admit that there will be huge problems implementing the law.

It should be repealed or at least dramatically reworked and downsized.

Geoffrey C. Church

Los Angeles

Well, pull off the Band-Aid and eat your peas — this is what California and America voted for.

Patrick Monahan



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