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Turkish Airlines bans red and dark pink lipstick on crew

May 05, 2013|By Hugo Martin

As part of its effort to create a new corporate identity, Turkish Airlines has banned red, dark pink and other loud colors of lipstick and nail polish worn by its flight crew.

In announcing the new policy, the airline said that “personnel who work in services sector are preferred to be artless and well groomed with a make-up in pastel tones.”

The airline has also hired Turkish designer Dilek Hanif to come up with a new crew uniform that “combines elements from the east and west, has the potential to embody the brand image for many years, and fuses traditional Turkish values with the expectations of the modern world.”

The airline has yet to decide on a uniform but has published photos of a few ideas under consideration, including high-collar, knee-length dresses with dark stockings and pant suits for women.


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