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Letters: Seizing guns

May 05, 2013

Re "Funds OKd to seize guns held illegally," May 2

I am sure most people would agree that seizing guns from criminals, the mentally ill and other people barred from owning firearms is a good idea. It would be even better if The Times could be a little less sensationalistic in its reporting.

In the first paragraph, the article states that the state is targeting "nearly 40,000 handguns and assault rifles," leading one to believe that a sizable number of illegally owned guns out there may be assault weapons. Yet further in the article it is mentioned that of the nearly 4,000 guns seized in the last two years, only 300 were assault rifles, less than 8% of the total.

We all understand that assault-style rifles are all the rage in the media today, but that does not excuse ignoring the basic facts. I think this program is a big step in the right direction; let's not obscure it with sensationalism.

Richard Fine

Los Angeles


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