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It's Jerry Hairston Jr. the entertainer in Dodgers' video

May 05, 2013|By Steve Dilbeck

OK, he’s got us. Jerry Hairston Jr., self-proclaimed best dancer on the team, has now taken to the microphone.

And this was great fun, as Hairston moves through the clubhouse interviewing teammates. Seems A.J. Ellis has some competition as a clever interviewer.

He describes Matt Kemp as the “second-best looking guy on the Dodgers.”

Interviews reliever Matt Guerrier, he of the world’s most interesting man fame, and asks what music he plays to get psyched up before pitching and he says, “Bieber, he really gets me fired up.”

And then Guerrier went into a rap. Honest.

Hairston mentions what a big star he is in South Korea, before asking Hyun-Jin Ryu about it. Through interpreter Martin Kim, Ryu said: “He actually said Scott [Hairston] is huge star in Korea.”

That, of course, would be his brother, the Cubs outfielder. Dead-pan, Korean style.

You’ll notice Hairston’s face is unmarked in the video, the smooth dancer having yet to stumble over a bag in his San Francisco hotel room and hit his head on a dresser.

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