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Watch Matt Kemp in a simple, marvelous moment of goodness

May 07, 2013|By Steve Dilbeck

For all the showy — Look at me! Look at us! — events staged by teams to show their wondrous goodwill, you’d like to think there are hundreds of quiet, unpublicized moments where good is done just for the sake of itself.

Moments like this one.

Matt Kemp, deep in enemy territory at AT&T Park last week, did something quick and stunning and just magnificent.

At the conclusion of a game against the Giants, Kemp is apparently led by third-base coach Tim Wallach over to a handicapped fan sitting at the railing and wearing a Dodgers sweatshirt.

Kemp shakes hands with him and another fan, and then autographs a couple of baseballs. Which in itself, would be great.

But then he takes off his cap and gives it the fan. And then his jersey. And then finally, takes off each of his cleats and hands them to the fan.

Kemp and Wallach shake a few more hands, and then Kemp — now wearing his “Beast Mode” T-shirt — walks off in his socks to the clubhouse.

“You’re the boss,” one friend of the fan is heard saying in the video. (Heads up: Another brief exclamation heard in the video may offend some ears.)

Indeed. Thanks to Roberto Baly of Vin Scully Is My Homeboy for alerting us to this thunderous, quiet moment. Sometimes it's the little things that are remembered for a lifetime.

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