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Letters: Mistreating those who serve

May 08, 2013

Re "Reward for combat duty: loss of jobs," May 6

I'm glad The Times is naming names. The companies that failed to protect the jobs of those serving the country need public shaming so we'll know which companies not to patronize. The excuse that the law is misunderstood is the usual corporate shuck and jive.

And the fact that the departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs have even one case against them is a travesty. I thought we learned our lessons when we so badly mistreated the Vietnam veterans.

Mary Edwards

Los Angeles

I thought we had a commander in chief. Sounds like a powerful position that could fix the problem of government agencies not protecting the jobs of active-duty service members. Apparently I was wrong.

I thought we (well, not all of us) elected a president who would handle such problems. Wrong again.

Jeff Dye

La Verne


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