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Baseball players lift up car to save girl

May 09, 2013|By Melissa Rohlin

After a practice on Wednesday, the South Sacramento Valley High baseball team had an incredible save.

In the school's parking lot, a mother, who was dropping her daughter off for an after school program, hit the car in front of her, then panicked, put the car in reverse, and struck her daughter. 

When the baseball team heard screams, they ran over to help the girl who was pinned under the car.

A total of 16 varsity and junior varsity players lifted the car while Valley Coach James Millholland pulled the girl out from under the car.

"We all just ran out there as a team," Millholland told the television network KCRA. "No one was saying much, and then the guys got around the car and just lifted it up. There was very little talking."

According to the Sacramento-based television network KXTV, the girl, who was a student at Laguna High, didn't suffer any major injuries. 

"I think we did a good job," Valley high sophomore Jack Danho told KXTV. "It kind of bothered me throughout school today. It was still in my head. I was traumatized, but our quick thinking saved her life."


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