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Letters: Fans want a new Blue, all right

Thank goodness for Matt Kemp's gesture, or readers would be completely up in arms.

May 10, 2013
  • Dodgers' Matt Kemp swings and misses during a game against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Dodger Stadium.
Dodgers' Matt Kemp swings and misses during a game against the Arizona… (Stephen Dunn / Getty Images )

Check any correct answer to the following question: What is 42?

a) the number worn by Jackie Robinson when he played with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

b) a movie about Robinson's courage in breaking baseball's color barrier in 1947.

c) the number of games the Dodgers will win this season.

Doug Thomson

West Los Angeles


Perhaps the Dodgers should just put everybody on the disabled list and call it a season.

Sterling Buckingham

Canyon Country


I finally figured out what the Dodgers' motto this year means. Last year the Dodgers finished nine games behind the Giants and this year it looks like they'll finish nine games behind the Padres in last place. That's a whole new Blue!

William Michael

Dana Point


Are we still supposed to believe Don Mattingly is a major league manager? Aside from the fact that he is a (gag) Yankee, he is becoming baseball's version of a cross between Mike Brown and Mike D'Antoni. I know it's "early." Remember when the Lakers were 0-10 in the preseason and horrible at the beginning of the regular season? Of course you remember. It's early. Nothing to worry about, right?

Lifeless, listless, mundane and punchless are just a few words to describe the "new Blue."

Jesse Rodriguez

Los Angeles


Gee, I must have missed the latest story about Adrian Gonzalez. You know, the one where he voluntarily rewrites his contract for a lower amount since he is now a line drive hitter rather than the power first baseman the Dodgers thought they were getting.

Ken Blake



What do Ned Colletti, Jerry Dipoto, and Jim Buss have in common? They turn winners into losers and know how to spend big dollars on overpaid/underachieving players.

Sanford Forman


The good news

Bill Plaschke's touching story about a terminally ill Dodgers fan highlights two manifest truths: the generosity and kindness of Matt Kemp's heart and the societal value of professional sports.

Tragically, a young man, Joshua Jones, may have only a short time to live. Fortunately, Mr. Kemp and the Dodgers were able to brighten his remaining days.

Konrad Moore


Back to bad news

Mr. Moreno, the sounds you hear coming from east of the Rockies are the chuckles from Torii Hunter, Vernon Wells and Maicer Izturis.

Werner Haas

West Hollywood


Let's face it; the Angels stink, pure and simple. It starts at the top with a delusional owner and his subordinates who have squandered the team's future for the next five to 10 years with bloated contracts for has-been superstars, destroyed the farm system, and traded away some of their best players for nothing in return. They also retain a manager on a long-term $50-million contract who should have been fired years ago.

All the fans get is false hope, excuses and dreams of better times. As an Angels fan of more than 50 years, I've had it with this fiasco.

Joe Bonino



Is it time to call it? I think so. The Los Angeles Angels are cursed. No matter how many random superstars they sign to enormous contracts, it just keeps getting worse. Turns out, a team identity built on a lie that fools no one is not a basis for success.

The Anaheim Angels? That team was a winner. I'd like to root for them again.

Kelly McCourt

Laguna Beach

NBA still going?

Anyone else bemused by the fact that while the Lakers sit home watching the playoffs, their future uncertain and potentially in disarray, castoff Derek Fisher continues to hit tough shots in crucial moments for a championship contender? Leadership and grit, two things you just don't see on paper or a stat sheet.

Frank Shapiro



Thanks to Bill Dwyre for his column on the NBA and rugged style of play. I used to be a huge basketball fan but rarely watch anymore as the game has evolved into something very different from its original design. Basketball was never meant to be a contact sport.

If players are bigger and better than ever, why are scores lower than ever? Going by the letter of the law, a foul could be called on almost any play. Both sides are guilty in all of the collisions.

And don't get me started on the excruciatingly slow final minute or two of a game.

Ken Christensen

Los Osos


Dwyre is exactly correct: The NBA is a more like a circus than a sport, but it's entertainment, and people like to be entertained. As long as people keep paying for those overpriced tickets, the NBA, the players, and the referees willing to keep churning out the theatrics — they are earning their millions just like any other self-respecting silver-screen actors.

Chet Chebegia

Long Beach

Painful memory

Mike Hiserman's son Matt was lucky [May 6]. The line drive that struck me flush right above the right ear caused massive damage. Multiple brain surgeries followed and the joyful life I had was gone. One day I am a junior pre-med major at the University of San Diego and 20 days later, mostly in a coma, I was being retaught the alphabet and how to tie my shoes.

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