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Kristen Wiig hosts 'SNL,' bringing back lots of memories

May 12, 2013|By Claire Zulkey

For those wondering which former “SNL” characters Kristen Wiig would resurrect in her return to the show as host, the answer is “almost all of them.”

Fans of Shanna may have been kicking the ground in disappointment, but terrible singers Garth and Kat, the manically enthusiastic Target Lady, the Californians (which endured for about seven epic minutes and included an appearance from Maya Rudolph, who inexplicably made out with Jonah Hill in the monologue), "The Lawrence Welk Show," even Gilly all made appearances. On Twitter, the return of Wiig seemed to be met with a mix of responses from those who rejoiced the return of her famous characters and those who felt that 11½ months (the time since Wiig was last on the show) was not quite enough time for a fond look back at the various characters.

The episode wasn’t all recurring characters, however. Two of the new sketches were unexpectedly gory: one featured an acupuncture session that turns very, very sanguinary (as in, pockets of skin filling up with blood and then exploding.)

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The other was an ode to Mother’s Day in the form of a mash-up between “The Ring” and a Disney Channel show. In “Aw Nuts: Mom’s a Ghost!”, two spunky kids played by Cecily Strong and Bobby Moynihan get up to typical Disney shenanigans (with typical colorful costumes and backdrops) as their mother looks on. However, mom (played by Wiig) was drowned during a business trip and has returned as a Korean water ghost, so her Disney-style, groan-worthy lines are accompanied by freaky black vomit, backward spider-walking and sucking the soul out of an unfriendly teacher. Happy Mother’s Day, moms!

Ben Affleck hosts the season finale this week, with musical guest Kanye West, who may or may not have forbidden the writers from incorporating any Kardashian jokes into the show.


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Really, Ben Affleck? Taking the $1.50 challenge for only one day?


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