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Letters: Healthcare and acts of God

May 12, 2013

Re "Medical rates range off the chart," May 9

Our political leaders regularly lament the notion that ever-rising healthcare costs will eventually bankrupt our country. The question is why they treat this problem as if it were an act of God, totally beyond their power to do anything about it.

In most businesses the price is based on actual costs plus overhead, profit and other items. In healthcare, the price is whatever ridiculously inflated number someone has the gall to put on the bill.

In my view, our elected leaders, whose duties include keeping our country from going bankrupt, must step up like adults and make some rules for the healthcare pricing game. Patients and our employers are in the global economy and must be competitive globally.

It was not God who exempted our healthcare industry from being competitive with anyone on this planet.

John Schoenberg

Redondo Beach


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