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Watch Hyun-Jin Ryu play pregame catch with youngster in stands

May 14, 2013|By Steve Dilbeck

Here’s a little pregame player-fan interaction not seen every day.

Remember Deuce, the young Dodgers fan whose dancing often used to be captured on the stadium video board when the team would play that unspeakable song?

He hasn’t been seen doing his Michael Jackson routine of late, but maybe that’s because he’s been busy working on his arm.

In this video captured by Dodgerfilms, Deuce is shown in the left-field pavilion playing some special pregame catch with … Hyun-Jin Ryu.

Ryu is standing on the left-field warning track, carefully tossing a baseball up to Deuce, who’s by himself in the fifth row near the bullpen. Dodgerfilms said this went on for about 5 minutes and came to a stop only  when the Dodgers finished batting practice and left the field.

Ryu, 26, let Deuce keep the ball.

Probably not the greatest thing for team insurance rates, but it made for an evening Deuce is not likely to ever forget. Maybe he danced in celebration.

Coupled with the video of Matt Kemp giving an ill fan his hat, jersey and shoes, it's been a pretty good week for the Dodgers on YouTube.

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