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Letters: Trouble with foster care

May 16, 2013

Re "County cuts off foster agency," May 14

Why has it taken Los Angeles County so long to pull the money plug on Teens Happy Home, a private foster-care organization that audits and a Times report have shown spends money questionably and has a record of abuse and neglect?

The county should employ outsiders to audit all such foster-care contractors and to interview, randomly, all children to see how they are being treated.

Until a system of regular auditing and accountability is adopted, the county risks have more foster-care contractors spending money wildly while neglecting the children.

Frankie M. Curry

Los Angeles

Whenever The Times or others discover problems with foster-care agencies, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum or hospitals or other facilities and services, the county's Board of Supervisors reacts. Apparently, being proactive is not one of the supervisors' capabilities.

Thomas Bliss

Sherman Oaks


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