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Letters: Pick a scandal, any scandal

May 16, 2013

Re "Anger widens as IRS details emerge," May 14

While members of Congress want to know more about the IRS targeting of conservative 501(c)(4) groups, they should look no further than themselves for the blame.

I tried to read the tax code regarding just what a "social welfare" group is, and my head almost exploded. The IRS didn't write these rules, Congress did. If there isn't clarity in the IRS procedures, blame Congress. But don't look to Congress to fix anything. Its members benefit from the spending these tax-exempt organizations do. If anything, this loophole should be closed.

Shirley Conley


Yes, the IRS and Associated Press scandals smell bad. But I wonder if one reason the members of one political party spend so much time spewing out self-righteous rants about the other party's possible screw-up of the day — rather than working on vital legislation — has something to do with being in perpetual campaign mode brought on by their refusal to compromise on meaningful campaign finance reform.

Jack Cooper

North Hollywood

Seriously, am I really supposed to believe what the White House's spokesmen say? I will say this: The Obama administration certainly lives up to its stated commitment to create an unprecedented level of transparency in government. We can all see right through them.

Robert Ostrove



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