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Lizzie Garrett Mettler brings tomboy style to Dockers [Video]

May 17, 2013|By Adam Tschorn
  • "Tomboy Style" author Lizzie Garrett in Dockers' first "women of style" video.
"Tomboy Style" author Lizzie Garrett in Dockers' first… (Dockers )

The Dockers "men of style" video advertising campaign is an all-boys club no more. Credit for cracking the khaki ceiling goes to Los Angeles-based author -- and authority on all things tomboy -- Lizzie Garrett Mettler.

The brand's just-released first-ever "women of style" video (see below) shows the author of "Tomboy Style: Beyond the Boundaries of Fashion" sitting on her couch, digging through her closet and walking her dog while wearing a black, button-front shirt and black-colored khakis and talking about her affinity for wearing the pants.

"I went to boarding school for high school and we couldn't wear denim, so I basically wore khakis for four years straight," Garrett Mettler explains, adding that the feeling of khakis is one "of going to a clambake or being at the beach, or on a boat or something like that." 

Oh, and the style she's sporting in the video? That would be a pair of Dockers' Alpha khakis. We think that's particularly appropriate since we like to think of her as the alpha tomboy of the moment. 

Garrett Mettler, who chronicles all things tomboy chic at her blog Tomboy Style, joins a growing list of fashion influencers and bloggers tapped by Dockers for its video ad campaign, including Michael Williams (A Continuous Lean), and K. Cooper Ray (Social Primer), for spring and summer 2013, and the stylish likes of Nick Wooster, Marcus Troy, Mickey Rapkin, Jared Flint, Lawrence Schlossman and Sean Hotchkiss for fall-winter 2012.


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