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Letters: Free press has responsibilities

May 17, 2013

Re "Spying on the AP," Editorial, May 15

I believe in freedom of the press; I also believe the media have responsibilities. In these times, exercising restraint in reporting information that could harm our country is crucial. In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, for example, some news outlets reported details on pressure-cooker bombs.

With rights come responsibilities; the media need to value both.

Mike Lockridge

Mission Viejo

The three unfortunate "scandals" unfolding this week — including the revelation that the Obama administration seized Associated Press phone records — should not distract us from the fact that the deficit has shrunk dramatically, the stock market is doing historically well and the Senate will probably pass an immigration reform law.

Lots of good things have happened on President Obama's watch. A government the size of ours will have a few wrinkles.

Lou Rosen

Pacific Palisades


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