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Letters: It's UC, not McDonald's

May 18, 2013

Re "Brown urges UC to speed graduations," May 16

Over the 15 years I have taught at UC Santa Barbara, I have seen repeated budget cuts and tuition increases. And yet most students are graduating in four years, not six.

I am not sure what Gov. Jerry Brown is referring to when he wants to speed up graduations. A top-quality education takes time — the University of California is not McDonald's.

"The outside world" that Brown mentions has greatly impacted UC; it has reduced the university to a shell of what it once was. Remarkably, students have been incredibly resilient and found a way to graduate.

If the governor wishes to speed up the conveyor belt, he can start by re-funding public higher education and stop bashing faculty, students and staff.

Ralph Armbruster-Sandoval

Santa Barbara

There's an easy solution to encouraging four-year graduation rates — offer in-state tuition for only four years, after which the rate would jump to what nonresidents pay.

Wendy Velasco



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