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Letters: Election billboard ads may backfire

May 19, 2013

Re "Billboard firms play big role," May 16

The big billboard companies are at it again. These major uglifiers of Los Angeles are demanding the right to install new digital billboards. Presumably to help them with their suit against the city, they have financed hundreds of billboards for candidates running for mayor, city controller and City Council.

Thanks to The Times, we know now that if you want an uglier city, vote for those faces that appear on donated billboards.

Emil Lawton

Sherman Oaks

This article will certainly help me decide which candidates to vote for Tuesday. I am surprised that any L.A. officials would apparently be unaware of the public's dislike of billboards. I have to avert my eyes when driving by Los Angeles International Airport on the 405 Freeway to avoid the obscenely huge ads draped on buildings west of the highway.

Candidates who are so out of touch that they accept support from billboard companies will not get my vote.

Henry Hespenheide

Los Angeles


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